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A Flexible, Feature Rich System that can be Customized for your Business Needs


The Restaurant Manager POS system is the most flexible, feature rich, restaurant POS system available. Whether you want to run your business on a traditional touch screen terminal, iPad or Android tablet, or choose a handheld POS system, Restaurant Manager offers a customizable solution designed to fit the way you do business. Install a Restaurant Manager POS system that’s as streamlined or robust as you need it to be today and get a tool that can grow with your business.


Learn more about the powerful options available for the Restaurant Manager POS system:

Features and Flexibility to Meet Your Every Need

With over 20 years of experience in the POS business, Restaurant Manager provides the most flexible and robust solution available today. By primarily focusing on independent restaurants and bars over those twenty plus years we understand that POS solutions require a high degree of flexibility in order to meet specific needs. We also understand that such a high degree of flexibility also requires well-rounded and comprehensive functionality.


Restaurant Manager POS is a complete solution designed to meet the needs of table service restaurants, quick service establishments, pizza operations and bars/nightclubs. Below is a list of products and services that comprise the Restaurant Manager POS solution.


Some of the Products and Services in Restaurant Manager  –   Click on product for Brochure


Table Service POS Solutions

Give Your Customers a Reason to Return

Providing a memorable meal and service experience helps maintain important repeat business, as well as generate word-of-mouth accolades. Restaurant Manager Table Service is a comprehensive software package that gives you the tools to ensure the highest quality customer service, while reducing costs and increasing profits. Ideal for fine dining, casual dining, bar service and take-out Restaurant Manager provides a POS solution to meet your needs.

Bar and Club POS Solutions

Keep Customers Happy While Monitoring Your Profits

Keeping the crowd happy and the drinks flowing drives your bottom line. To improve billing accuracy and keep margins high Restaurant Manager can play a key role with features like quick tab pre-authorizations, easy tab transfers and one touch “next round” ordering. Restaurant Manager can deliver the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want and the security you need.

Pizza and Delivery POS Solutions

Offer Reliable, Fast Service with Food that is Prepared Right – the First Time

Quickly serving customers, managing special orders, sending accurate information to the food prep staff and getting the order out the door requires the right tools. Restaurant Manager is ideal for pizza operations with a intuitive pizza matrix and robust couponing capabilities. In addition, our reporting package provides real-time sales statistics, delivery sales and a host of other sales related data, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

Quick Service (QSR) POS Solutions

Allow Employees to Focus on the Customer, Not the Computer

Getting the order right while minimizing errors, up-selling the customer and easily processing coupons put the “quick” in quick service. Customize the screens the way you need them to look in order to help your servers fill customer orders quickly and correctly. In addition delivery and take-out capabilities give you the most complete solution available.

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